09 June 2013


Joining in with Taryn for her heartfelt Sunday tradition.

A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

This week I have been grateful for...

...warm weather that has made my garden bloom.

 ...my neighbour who looked after my garden whilst I was away.

...a lovely time camping in the sunshine.

...rhubarb in abundance fresh from the garden, we have made fool, smoothies and muffins with it.

...radishes and salad leaves to pick and eat from the garden, we have been eating so many salads which are a welcome break from the root veg of the winter.

...getting all my holiday washing clean and dried in a few days as it has been so sunny.

...the outdoor swimming pool in my village opening for the summer, it is funded entirely by the village and run by volunteers we love spending hot afternoons at the pool.

...the Springwatch programmes on the BBC which we have watched each evening with the children.

...finding the time to tidy up and declutter we have a birthday recently and with the weather getting warmer there were clothes everywhere as I had got the children's summer clothes out of storage but not put away any winter ones.


  1. love what you wrote about your community pool, so wonderful. enjoy your warm summer days.

  2. We love Spring watch too :) What a lovely list!


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