11 May 2013


I love to look in secondhand bookshops for preloved books, every now and then you find a gem.  A book that at first glance looks ordinary, but interesting, and when you get it home and take a good look it turns out to be a real find.  I found one of these books this week.

Song of the Earth by Mary Hoffman is a lovely book which explores the magic of the elements, earth, fire, water and air.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Jane Ray, each section has its own individual title page.

There is an introduction celebrating each element.

Myths, folklore, legends and the association of various mystical figures are weaved into the text.

The life giving properties of each element.

Contrasting with the life taking abilities, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and untamed fires.

Each section concludes to bring to the readers attention the misuse and ill treatment done to this vital components of our existence.

The illustrations on each page wonderfully bring the text to life.  This book is a great introduction to so many interesting topics, ideas and concepts, I hope that it acts a springboard for further learning.

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  1. That looks like a great find indeed, beautiful illustrations!

  2. That book is spectacular! What a wonderful thrift-store find... xo

  3. That looks like a lovely book, we have qute a few books illustrated by Jane Ray and they are all so beautiful. Have you seen books by the author/illustrator Jackie Morris? They are amazing, I think you would enjoy them too x x


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