27 May 2013


...this week of...

...happiness a weekend spent camping in the sunshine with a hundred other people at a district scout camp it was wonderful to be able to introduce so many young people to the joys of canoeing.

...sadness in a moment of feeling overloaded I took it out on my youngest by shouting at her, I immediately regretted it and spent the next hour in her company ignoring all the other jobs that I needed to do, I needed the time out.

..creating a second baby cardigan for my twin nephews due any day now.

...reading not much this week a bit of A Little History of the World by EH Gombrich and Juno magazine.

...learning that my convictions are right when it comes to my eldest child, he needs space and time to get used to new people and environments and needs to feel totally in control of his decision making, he went off all weekend and had fun with other Cub Scouts despite not knowing anyone before the weekend he now wants to join the Cubs but was not ready to six months ago when he left Beavers

...thinking about the family of Lee Rigby and all families effected by the conflicts that still persist in our world.

...wondering if I have made our lives a bit too busy at the moment we don't seem to be managing to fit in any downtime I need to work on planning this into our week too so we don't all get too exhausted.

...hoping the weather is good for camping again next weekend.

...looking forward to catching up with friends who I have not seen for weeks.


  1. Hope you manage to get your downtime and remember to be kind to yourself.


    1. Thank you, I have some planned but not sure it will be proper downtime or not!


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