23 May 2013


In the last two weeks the world outside my window has gone green.  The leaves have finally appeared  on the trees and my garden looks lush and full once more.  The temperatures were definitely rising so  I planted out some seedlings this week my onions, peas and beans they are surviving but if the weather continues to fluctuate like it is the growth could be slow.  We woke this morning to snow on the hills, it was 2°C overnight and today we had a hailstorm, soon it will be June the start of the summer and the turning of the days.  I do hope that we will get a good period of warm weather, enough to enable my plants to grow and produce before the daylight has reduced too much.

My potatoes are now all sown, and the carrots, turnips and betroot seeds sown a few weeks ago have yet to germinate maybe the soil is too cold at the moment.  Perhaps one day it will be warm!

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  1. We woke up to snow falling this morning! So many things that I have planted are still showing no signs of life! Perhaps one day it will be warm here too, but it certainly doesn't look like it will be any time soon.


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