29 May 2013


This is not my usual Wednesday post, sharing knitting and reading.  I have knitted very little this week, the last few rows of the baby cardigan I posted about last week which is now off the needles with the ends tidied up, needs blocking and buttons.  I have read nothing at all really.  I have been busy camping, canoeing and getting prepared for both.  We have also been celebrating, my youngest turned four this week her birthday was on Saturday but we were busy away helping out at a scout camp so we postponed it until today.  She loved the knitted animals I posted about yesterday.  We had a small celebration with a few friends over for a play, a birthday lunch and a chocolate cake with candles, her requests!

This last year has felt like a huge learning journey for her, she has changed so much.  She has moved away from being by my side most of the time whether at home or out and about to being away from my side most of the time.   These words are for her.

I love your enthusiasm how when you are excited and happy it positively oozes from you, your face,  your body, your outstretched hands.  Your smile always lights up your face and my heart.  You love to cuddle and snuggle and you often suck your thumb and play with my ear.  I love how you count, sometimes you get the numbers in the right order, sometimes you choose your own order, when you count the carriages on the trains that pass our house you pick random numbers and then proudly announce how many there were.  You love to tidy.  You love to help me cook, stirring, measuring, whisking and chopping.  You have grown your own pea and bean plants from seed which we transplanted a few weeks ago and you go to check every day, watering them when the ground is dry, you are fascinated by all the plants growing in the garden and bring me back reports after your visits. You love to make and create things out of all sorts of stuff you find round the house, you know where to find the glue and scissors and can use both with proficiency.  You sing constantly mostly songs you make up both the words and the tune.  You love your big brother and miss him when he goes out with daddy alone, you play games together and tell him in a loud strong voice when you don't like what he is doing.  We know where we stand with you, you express yourself so well and tell us when you are angry, sad, happy or excited.  You are a pleasure to be with and I am proud to be your mum.


  1. What lovely words. Happy birthday to your youngest. Her party sounds like a lot of fun. x


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