24 May 2013


We went for our first proper foraging walk this week, armed with a book advising us on what we were likely to find and most importantly what they looked like.  We didn't find many different plants but we did come home with a large bag of wild garlic leaves.  I have made pesto with them in the past but this week have been using them in different ways.  I have had them with cheese in a roll as a salad, I have shredded them and added them to soup and I made a cheese and onion quiche which I added some shredded leaves to.

I have been keeping them in a bag in the fridge and they seem to be keeping well in there, they certainly smell strong when I chop them!  One of my favourite uses for the pesto is in a quiche/flan, I am not sure if the difference between these I am sure there is a definition!  Once I have  lined the dish  I am using with pastry I spread a thin layer of pesto on the pastry, then cover with shredded watercress leaves, chopped feta and you 'custard' mix I use eggs and elmlea, cook and enjoy!

I hope we can do other foraging walks this year so we can find the good local spots.  Often the garden is a good source, our picnic on the walk was a quinoa salad with chopped hawthorn and ground elder leaves.

Enjoy your weekend and the extra day if you are in the UK, I am away camping so hoping for good weather!

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  1. I've never managed to find wild garlic, but I've heard it makes wonderful pesto. I went on an organised mushroom forage and that was great fun.

  2. I would love to go foraging, what fun! There was a good article recently in The Simple Things magazine about wild garlic with loads of great recipes and ways to cook with it. I hope you enjoyed the camping and the sun shone for you. x

  3. Congratulations on your first proper forage! There are so many ways to use wild garlic, it goes with just about everything I make from curries and stews to pizza, salad and cheeses.


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