22 April 2013


This week has been one of stops and starts, of stepping forward then going back.  On Monday we got ready to go out for our weekly trip into town and the car would not start, dead as a dodo.  I called the local garage and hoped they would come out quickly so we sat I the car and waited, after half an hour the children asked if they could go inside.  We passed the time, waiting and reading books together.  Four hours later I discovered I had a flat battery, it was too late to go out so we walked to the village shop and picked up a few bits for tea.

On Tuesday we got ready to go out again and the car would not start, dead as a dodo, I was baffled my husband had put a new battery in.  I lifted the bonnet, it had disconnected.  I found the tools I needed but the wind was blowing and the bonnet kept wanting to close on my head so I got my neighbour to help, an hour later we were heading into town!  We got the shopping done, headed home for lunch the straight back out to our Tuesday friends to celebrate a birthday.  After a long afternoon of fun we headed home and fell into bed soon after tea.

The next day we had plans to stay at home and rest, mid morning we had a call from friends who were meeting in a nearby town for a play did we want to join them.  I threw some lunch bits in a bag and we headed out.  We had a weird afternoon but it was fun.

Thursday we did stay at home and rest, we needed it as on Friday we were out again for swimming, playing and a picnic with a home ed group.  Over the weekend I did some sewing which I will share tomorrow, sowing seeds and weeding so much weeding it took three days but I weeded the whole garden.

In between times I noticed that my hands were sore with a flare up of Urticaria it got worse as the week went on, bad enough that I could not knit and bending my fingers was painful.  I think I had been too busy to notice earlier in the week and by the time I did it was getting bad, as often happens with this condition I have still not pinpointed exactly what set it off.  I know what to do to improve it but it takes time.

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