23 April 2013


My sewing so far has always been flat, sewing two simple seams together, I have never followed a pattern just looked at pictures to get ideas and then created something of my own.  I have been wanting to make clothes for some time and  thought that making them for a child was a good place to start.  I had originally wanted to make a dress but could not find a pattern that I liked that did not involved masses of gathering which I am not ready to tackle just yet.  So I went for trousers, I decided that as I might make a few pairs I would cut out the pieces using scrap pieces of plain fabric.  I traced the pattern onto parchment paper from the original pattern pieces so I did not need to cut them.  I used this pattern.

They were pretty easy to sew up, each pair took a couple of hours, once the fabric was cut.  There were four seams to sew before tackling the waist.  I learned a few new techniques and words sewing the waist, basting, I have only ever done this to a chicken, edgestitch, sewing in elastic.  One of the things that had put me off sewing from a pattern was the words used, like so many skills it comes with its own language, I have mastered the language of knitting, mostly, so I figured I could do the same for sewing.

I am pleased with the way they have turned out and next I am going to make a skirt using the pieces in the last picture.

Joining in with Nicole for this weeks Keep Calm, Craft On.


  1. Those little trousers have turned out lovely, I've just cut out a little dress for my grandaughter, my dressmaking skills need a lot of work, so baby steps are the right way to go...........and taking my time.

  2. They look great - I think I could handle something like these and have been thinking I would like to sew some our own clothing.

  3. They look great! I'm extremely daunted by patterns. I feel like they want too many complicated things from me. Of course, people with actual sewing skills seem to think that I go about things the hard way but it's what works for me. (:

  4. These are great, they look perfect. I wish I could sew something like this. x

  5. They are so lovely, I will have to try this x

  6. If you ever want me to photocopy the long john pants and t shirt from the sew liberated book just let me know.


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