27 April 2013


I want to share another library find with you this week.  We have found some wonderful books in the library recently, that is not to say that we don't have some lovely books at home but isn't it wonderful to be able to supplement them with borrowed books from time to time?

Ruby Nettleship and the Ice Lolly Adventure by Thomas Docherty is a wonderful adventure of magic and imagination.

Ruby Nettleship, like most children, loves to play in her local playground, but her playground is in a sorry state.  The only part that the children can play on is the swing as the rest of the equipment is broken.  When the swing brakes everyone leaves the park except Ruby.

 She is visited by an ice cream van and given a rather interesting looking ice lolly on the stick of which is the words, plant me.  Ruby plants the stick and the adventure begins.

An amazing playground evolves from the stick and eventually the whole town is playing, adults included. When it gets late and it is time for Ruby to go for tea the playground returns to the ground, but next time Ruby visits the playground she is in for a wonderful surprise.

This magical adventure also has wonderful illustrations which is, I am sure, part of the attraction of the book for my youngest.

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  1. We read a book almost similar in theme called Roxaboxen. Thanks for sharing! I love books that encourage creating something from nothing.


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