06 April 2013


We found two more wonderful animal themed books in the library this week both illustrated by the same author.

 Tweedle Dee Dee written and illustrated by Charlotte Voake is a lovely book based around a traditional folk song, The Green Grass Grew all Around, the tune of which is in the back of the book.  It is a good book for spring or summer as it celebrates the new life in the tree, the leaves and a nest chirping high in the branches.

The other is the Insect Detective written by Steve Voake and illustrated by Charlotte Voake.  This book is a wonderful introduction to the amazing world of insects, where you can find them, what they look like and what they eat and remember if it doesn't have six legs it is not an insect!

The illustrations in both these books are charming and simple and make me want to find more books written or illustrated by Charlotte Voake.

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  1. Charlotte Voake is one of our favourite illustrators. Her wild flower guide for children is beautiful x x

    1. I discovered that book on a friends bookshelf today, you're right is a beautiful book.

  2. Oh, I love Charlotte Voake so much! Thanks for sharing at The Children's Bookshelf.


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