26 April 2013


Another week has slipped by and my garden is slowing turning green.  There are small green shoots, leaves budding, herbs growing and daffodils making steady progress towards blooming.  I have been busy again this week sowing seeds and weeding, with a little help from my youngest.  Over the weekend I managed to weed the whole garden, I was exhausted by you the end but I am thankful I managed to get it all done.  In the past few years I have struggled to keep on top of the weeds, I am hoping that by doing it now it will be easier as the year goes on I live in hope anyway!

Seed wise we have sown, more salad leaves and lettuce, herbs in pots parsley, dill, coriander and basil, cabbage, kale, chard, spinach, courgette, cucumber, french beans and leek in seed trays all of these for the moment are in the warmth of the polytunnel.  My chitting potatoes have gradually succumbed to rotting or mice and were rather depleted in number, luckily for me I have a small garden centre in the village so I wandered down and bought a few more to bulk the numbers a bit.  I also bought a pack of shallots which I have planted outside.

Using the biodynamic gardening method is definitely helped to keep me focus on the garden this year, apart from the mammoth weeding session most of the work I am doing thus far has been short bursts of activity which is easy to fit into the week.  It remains to be seen how long I can keep it up!

What's going on in your garden at the moment?

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  1. It is so lovely to see plants growing at last. I have been so happy to see the first signs of new lif ein our garden over the last two weeks. We are moving in two weeks time though, so once again my gardening plans are on hold. It is very inspiring to see how much you manage to grow too. x x


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