10 March 2013


This week has been one of busyness and surprises, surprises that were not of the positive kind.  We started the week with our usual trip to the local town for our food shopping and a visit to the library picking up as we usually do a huge pile of books.

Tuesday rather than heading to our friends for a play they all came to us.  By late morning I thought that it might not happen as I had two texts to say we may not be able to come but they did!  We had a lovely afternoon enjoying each others company in the sunshine.  Our Tuesdays are usually spent at one particular house where lots of home educating families meet up, we have been doing this for about two years.  Recently they have felt that they needed a break from every week and decided to make it every other week.  It has been rather haphazard of late and we were struggling with the irregularity, so I offered to host a meet up on the other week.  I checked first to see that folks were interested and that I was not digging my self into a hole I could not climb out of by talking to the host mama to see why she had decided to go to every other week.  I hope we can continue to meet up every week somewhere, in the future.  Tuesday was also the day of our first surprise.  One of ours cars was booked in for a MOT Test and the garage rang to ask if we wanted to go ahead as it needed a major welding job that could take anything up to three days!  The car is twelve years old and we have had it from new, we always said we would run it until it became too expensive to, the cost of the welding was likely to be more than the car is worth.

The next day we visited a local free Musuem for the morning.  It is a lovely small museum with an eclectic collection of stuffed animals, roman remains, local history, local artefacts and local geology to name but a few.  We visit about twice a year and always see sow thing different each time we go.  I pooped into a great wool shop on the way home and picked up some bargain wool to knit some presents for babies that are due in the next few months.

Thursday we spent at home drawing, playing, reading and doing puzzles there was no room on the dining table or the living room floor by the time we had finished.

The next day we joined a local home ed group for a swim.  My eldest has become much more confident in the water recently and I can finally take both my children on my own.  They love swimming now and really look forward to our weekly trip to the pool.  After swimming we went to a park and had a very cold play!

Over the weekend we spent our time at home.  We were busy sowing seeds in the polytunnel which I have little hope will germinate as it has snowed all weekend!  Playing endless games, battleships, chess, board games, memory games and I taught my eldest Patience, the card game that is.  Reading lots and lots of story books.  Baking bread, my first attempt at baguettes which I am not convinced were worth the effort.  Another surprise, our PC has stopped working.  We not entirely sure what its wrong with it but we did here a loud electrical noise from that corner on Saturday night and assumed it was the speaker for the stereo, seems it could have been the computer.  It is no longer switching on, we are hoping it is the power supply, if not it could be a new PC.

We have ended the week with a final surprise, the car that we started the week with has now been sold through auto trader and we have bought another one from someone in the village!  It has all happened so quickly it does really feel real yet.  On Friday this week we will pick the new one up and the buyer will come and take ours away.  We have had long discussions this week about whether we can be a one car family but we do not feel at the moment it is practical.  My husband is self employed and his work takes him all over the place, often at short notice.  It would make planning anything on the home edding front much more difficult.  We do have a bus service which we use but we would not be able to get to some of our friends houses as there is no service to them.  So for now we are sticking with two.

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