30 March 2013


We recently spent a day at a local wild animal park, since then we have been reading lots of books on animals.  This is our selection, so far, from our book shelves and at the library.

In Lost in the Zoo by Gill Arbuthnott, Rory the mouse is visiting the zoo but has lost his owner Sam, he meets lots of animals as he attempts to describe what Sam looks like and to find him again.

A monkey is off for an adventure he gets out of his cage and explores the outside world for a for day out of the zoo.  Monkey Do by the wonderful childrens author Allan Ahlberg, is a lovely rhyming adventure.
Buffalo has an itch, an itch he cannot reach, so what does he do?  Itch Itchy Itch by Mara Bergman is a lovely rhyming story about his quest to find the perfect partner to help him with his itches.  The book includes a final page which gives an introduction to the animals in the story.
Set on a farm, Snore by Michael Rosen is the wonderfully funny story of what happens when Dog starts to snore, wakes all the animals up and what they then do to get him to stop.  This is a great book for those learning to read as there is much repetition.
Hodge the Hedgehog by Kate Petty introduces children, through a story, to what hedgehogs eat, what they do in winter and what they do when they are scared

No list would be compete without the wonderful Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, a quest to find the perfect pet with flaps for the child to lift.
Animals Animals All Around by Catherine and Lawrence Anholt is a delightful picture book. It shows what they look like, stripes, spots etc, gets the child to think about what they might feel like, talks about the sounds they make, what their babies are called, how they move and at what speed. This is a wonderful introduction to animals.

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  1. We love Monkey Do and Dear Zoo too. The Catherine and Laurence Anholt book looks great too x x

  2. I love Dear Zoo, and these others look great, too. Thanks for sharing at The Children's Bookshelf.


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