04 March 2013


We found a wonderful book in the library today which I am sharing with you, The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers.  We have enjoyed all the Oliver Jeffers books we have had from the library and this one is one of the best so far.  A beautifully simple story told through the eyes of a child.  There are few words but the ones there are, are powerful as are the illustrations.

The story starts with us sharing the child's life as she explores and learns with her grandfather.  Until one day she goes to his chair and it is empty.  She deals with her loss by locking her heart up in a safe place, a bottle, which she wears around her neck.  Her curiosity and love of life is lost too, until one day she meets a child who is like she was.  This child helps her to release her heart and fill the empty chair.

This poignant story covers many big topics, love, learning, death and life.  I suspect that I will want to have a copy for our own bookshelf before too long.

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  1. We like Oliver Jeffers too, haven't seen this one though, it looks lovely x

  2. This sounds quite different from other Jeffers books I have read. I'm anxious to get my hands on this. I think I want to own all of his books!

  3. Beautiful book. We have his book about the boy who wants to catch a star.

  4. Oliver Jeffers is such a great author and illustrator. Thanks for sharing at The Children's Bookshelf.


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