24 February 2013


This week has been spent with family.  We spent the week staying with my mum and dad.  They live next door to my brother and his family, their youngest is slightly older than my eldest and the two of them spent all the time they could in each others company.

Monday was my mums birthday, I managed to finish knitting her socks.  I cooked lunch and tea for everyone as this is something that I like having done for me on my birthday.

On Tuesday we visited my great aunt, she is the only member of her generation left in my entire family.  She lives a long way from where I live but it is possible to visit for the day from my mums.  She is the most wonderful company, I could listen to her talking for hours.

The following day we traveled again this time to my brother in laws house to spend time with his wife, not sure if I call her my sister in law, and their three children.  Again they live a long way from us but not too far from my mums.  We have not been able to see them for two years so it was great to catch up.

On Friday we had a quiet morning at mums and went swimming in the afternoon, Saturday was much the same except we went to a park rather than swimming in the afternoon.  Today we have journeyed home.  Back to circle of our life here, shopping, cooking, spending time with friends.

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  1. how wonderful your family visits all worked out. family is food for our soul, thank you for visiting.

    I have signed to follow your blog.


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