10 February 2013


It has been a very different, but busy week for us.  We started with our usual trip into town on Monday morning for food shopping and a visit to the library.  In the afternoon I packed the car and headed off to York with the children.  We had three nights there staying in a camping pod to the east of the city.

We spent three days exploring the city, which I will post about another day.  It was bitterly cold but, thankfully, dry and we arrived home utterly exhausted.  On Friday we had intended to go swimming but none of us wanted to leave the house, especially me!  We stayed at home and played, read and sat still.

Over the weekend I visited a local famers market to stock up on local food, sadly the veg stall was not there this time maybe the snow stopped them coming.  But I did get some cheese, eggs and a chicken.  The rest of the day was spent with friends to catch up with them before they go on holiday for six weeks, we did it want to make it any longer as we had been away this week.  We went and had a run around in the grounds of a local castle.

Sunday was spent at home, playing with cuisenaire rods, setting up traffic jams, talking about castles, knights, armour and medieval food, completing jigsaws, reading stories and watching the final part of the BBC series, Africa which we have all really enjoyed watching.

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