20 February 2013


On the needles this week is the jacket that I am still working on, it is slowly growing.  I hope I can finish it before I the weather warms up to a point where it will be too warm.  Nah British weather never does that!  I have nearly finished the second front piece then it will be the sleeves, it is a while since I knitted something that needs sewing up, I hope I can remember how to do it.  I need to find another project to carry around with me, the socks I shared last week are finished.  I am knitting this jacket from a cone which is getting smaller but it is heavy, I will be casting on something else soon no doubt.

Reading wise I am nearly at the end of Raising Girls and it has been a great read, I would recommend it to any mothers of girls at any age.

Joining in with Tami for this weeks work in progress and Ginny for this weeks knitting and reading.


  1. Oh the minute I saw the pic of the wool I loved it. My favourite colour. I think it will make a lovely jacket. And no sadly I don't think it will ever be too warm in the UK not to wear it. On the positive side you'll get your monies worth. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  2. That wool is such a lovely colour x

  3. That purple is gorgeous! I am knitting a purple shawl right now, and it is such a fun color to work with.

  4. Lovely jacket and the colour is gorgeous, its never to warm here in Ireland either for a jacket so you'll get lots of wear from it.

  5. What a great pattern for a jacket and you're absolutely right - the British weather will always allow for an extra layer or two at any point in the year!

  6. That yarn is beautiful! I love the flecks of color mixed with the purple. It's going to be a lovely jacket.

  7. That is a massive cone of yarn. What type is it?

    1. It's an Aran cone I bought mine from a wool shop that was closing down. If you look on the woolfish website you can find them in many colours and sizes.

  8. Oh I love your yarn, it's beautiful ! I can not wait to see your Jacket finished !


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