27 January 2013


Another week has flown by, the year is now three weeks old.  We started the week with snow!  We woke on Monday morning to about an inch the children were so excited especially my youngest as she does not remember the snow we had last year.  After shopping and a library visit in the morning she and I spent the afternoon outside building a snow castle, making angel patterns in the snow and clearing our neighbours path.

Tuesday started badly, we got a phone call and message from our Tuesday and Thursday friends, within a few minutes of each other, to say that neither could meet up with us this week.  My lovely weekly rhythm just stopped beating, the children were devastated.  I called our Wednesday friends to check that they were still on for meeting up and thankfully they were.  Even better they phoned back a couple of hours later to say come over for tea, stay the night and play all day on Wednesday. The children were really excited and could not wait to set off!  We spent some of the time making gingerbread men and reading the story about the gingerbread man that does not want to be caught. They had a great time playing, playing, playing it was amazing they were together for twenty four hours and did not fall out at all in that time.  The spent a large part of Wednesday out in the snow in the garden.

So on Thursday we headed off to a town we don't visit that often to swim and drop off something for repair, we took friends with us.  The swimming was great the pool was warm and pretty much empty, the children's swimming skills suddenly clicked for them both.  We had lunch at the poolside before heading into town.  We ran our errands before heading to a fantastic park for a play. We headed home tired and happy after a grand day out.

On Friday it snowed all day, big fat flakes that settled by the evening we had about three inches.  We made our own snowflakes indoors using a wire form a bit like this except ours have 8 spokes.  We have hung them on our tree.  We also read books about snow and winter, talked about hibernation, played the Winter cooperative game and enjoyed the cosines of our house.

Over the weekend we went to a lovely birthday party on Saturday.  My eldest who is not a fan of parties sat and read two Roald Dahl books whilst the party went on around him!  On Sunday we played at home, made some more play doh to play with, I sewed two cushion covers, read several books with the children and we took part in the RSPB Big Garden Watch.  You spend an hour counting the birds in your garden, you count the numbers each time you see them and then submit the highest number you see at any one time.  We had few visitors this year compared to last.  It was really, really windy and as our garden is pretty exposed the birds were not visiting even though we put out lots of food.  Those that did were clearly struggling against the wind!


  1. Lovely week - I hate it when my rhythm is blocked, but you seemed to recover nicely xxx

  2. sounds like you recovered from your out-of-rhythm week but had some great adventures nonetheless!


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