13 January 2013


It has been lovely this week to get back into our weekly rhythm, it is comforting like a fire on a cold winter evening.

We started the week with our usual trip into the local town for our food shopping and a visit to the library.  As always after unpacking and lunch we spent the afternoon reading our new library books.

On Tuesday we visited our friends who we have not seen for ages for our usual play dates.  Illness, them not us thankfully, and Christmas has meant we have not seen them for about six weeks.  There were several families there again and the children all had a wonderful time playing together.  It was really calm and peaceful this time.

The next day we had a wonderful day of outdoor play with some friends.  We took a picnic and drove up the road for a lovely day out in the sunshine.  It felt so good to feel the sun on our faces again after so long.  The world feels huge when you can see the blue sky.

The next day we drove south to join our friends for lunch and a play.  Just after she had woken up, my youngest said something which proved to me that rhythm that I have worked hard to introduce into our week has all been worthwhile. We see the same the same sets of friends each week, each on a particular day.  She knew it was the day for our Thursday friends without knowing it was Thursday. It was good to catch up after a break over Christmas.  The girls had fun icing cakes.  The drive back was long through the dark and thick fog.

Friday we headed for a day round the county.  We started by dropping off a hire car that my husband no longer required as the job he was to use it for had been cancelled, such is the life of being self employed.  Then we drove to another town for swimming and lunch with friends.  After the children had played for a bit and the adults chatted we headed to pick up our flour order from a local mill.  On the way home we dropped in some more friends for a cuppa and to drop off some bits.  We got home exhausted after a long day out!

We had a fairly busy weekend based mostly at home.  On Saturday we headed out to the local famers market to pick up some supplies.  In the afternoon I cooked up a batch of soup to put on the freezer for eating this month.  On Sunday I had one of those days were I was highly productive without much effort.  I cooked up more soup, baked some bread, made some rolls, did some washing, hoovered the house, put together a big bag of stuff for the charity shop, read books with the children, danced, played, read some of my book whilst the children and my husband went for a bike ride and fell into bed happy and content.  A perfect end to the week.

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