04 January 2013


We have been enjoying the outdoors today.  We had plans to meet up with friends and hoped that the weather forecast was going to prove right and we could spend some time outside.  It has rained pretty much every day since the beginning of December with very rare moments of clear skies.  It was cloudy today but, as the recent rain has also meant thick grey low cloud, it felt really bright despite the fact that the sky was all cloud.

We met at a wood and had fun on a play trail.

There were big long slides, stilts to climb on, a big truck climbing frame, a climbing wall, a stand on rope swing, a very large climbing frame, water play with Archimedes screws and channels, gravel play with buckets made from old tyres, small play houses and a fairy kingdom complete with carvings.  It was a great place for the children to play with a short distance to walk between each activity.  I would imagine in the summer it will be very busy but on a cool winter day it was, thankfully, quiet.

After our play we had a picnic lunch before heading off for a walk with words trail. Every now and again we found a marker post with a quote relating to woods and nature on it.

 Diversity is Nature's Way Vandana Shiva

We also found a great place half way round to rest little legs, drink hot chocolate and eat cake.

It was a lovely day out.


  1. What a lovely place for a day out. We like to spend time at places like this on quiet winter days too, you can just imagine how different the experience would be during the summer holidays!
    Gina x

  2. Wow what a cool place! Looks and sounds like a great place to visit.

  3. Oh my, what a wonderful place. We would love to go there, is it anywhere near East Lancs? x

  4. That looks like a fantastic day out!


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