01 January 2013


It is a tradition at this time of year to make resolutions to change your habits, have new goals or projects.  I am not sure that I have ever made any resolutions per se but that does not mean that I have not had goals in life.  If you have beliefs and ideals that are thought of as alternative, quirky and away from the mainstream then it can sometimes be hard to stick to what you really believe in, particularly if you feel that you are constantly swimming against the tide.

My resolution every year is always to stay true to what I believe in, be open to new ideas and to look after myself and my family to the best of my abilities, how about you?


  1. It can be very hard to stick to what you believe in when you're 'the odd one out' - the subtle (although often not-intended) pressure can be tough to deal with at times.

    I haven't had time to sit down and really concentrate on what I'd like to happen this year, being so caught up in moving, but it's a resolution to make some resolutions ;-)

  2. What could be a better solution than that? Wishing you everything you desire in the new year x


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