28 January 2013


Winter has definitely arrived in these parts.  In the last week we have had several days of snow.  We have been reading several books about Winter this week including this lovely book we found in the library.

The Bear's Winter House by John Yeoman is wonderfully illustrated by Quentin Blake.  It tells the story of a bear who, to the other animals in the wood, is behaving rather oddly as winter approaches.  He is building a house so that he has somewhere warm and cosy to sleep in winter.  The other animals think he is daft, but when winter comes they soon realise that it is very cold and windy.  They ask the bear for shelter and he kindly lets them in but they are too cosy and excited to sleep!

It is a delightful story with wonderful illustrations and is a great introduction to hibernation for young children.


  1. Really like the idea of seasonal books. We have just rearranged our bookshelves to include some winter books. Have you read the season series by Gerda Muller? The 'Winter' book looks good and am tempted to get it. I also like the 'Eye Like Nature' series of small picture books - the 'Snow' one is very apt at the moment! Really like your blog.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions I will look these up.

  2. This one looks lovely, we have read another book by John Yeoman and Quentin Blake called Bear's water picnic and that is lovely too x

  3. I love Quentin Blake's illustrations!
    What a sweet winter book. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. A gorgeous story. I hope you don't mind my becoming a 'follower'?

  5. This looks like a wonderful book! Thanks for sharing at The Children's Bookshelf.


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