08 January 2013


It is winter where I live so not much is happening in my garden at the moment apart from my garlic bulbs which are growing slowly, most of the other plants are dormant.

I am hoping this year to garden using biodynamic methods and have bought a rather lovely year planner to help with this.

Whilst I was out shopping yesterday I was offered a free diary in the health food shop which I thought would help me with organising myself to garden using this, new to me, method.  So I spent some time writing in entries for the first three months of this year, to interpret my chart and to put in when I could be doing some of the important winter jobs that I need to do.  I know that I am going to have to be organised to garden in this method, as there is often only one sometimes two days a month suited for certain tasks.  I am hoping that this focus will mean that my garden is actually better looked after, as often I start in the Spring with great intentions but come the Summer the garden is looking very overgrown and neglected.


  1. Good idea, getting a head start on the year :) Browsing seed brochures here at the moment, hope to avoid the F1s this year and do some serious seed saving! I like the idea of having specific days to do specific tasks, so may have to look into biodynamic gardening, thanks for posting about it x

  2. I'm hoping to be more focused on the garden this year, too. The biodynamic stuff looks very interesting.

  3. I'm diving into gardening this year, too. Currently doing lots of reading, starting to think about seeds...so hopeful in the dark and cold of winter!

  4. I am really interested in biodynamic gardening too, I have seen the planners for sale, they look great x


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