11 December 2012


This last week has been one of family, we have spent time doing stuff together and it has been great fun.

We started the week with our usual trip into the local town to do the shopping and visit the library.  On Tuesday rather than catch up with our usual play date friends we all went swimming, we were pretty much the only people in the pool so it was a good time to go.  Afterwards we went to see a friend who lives nearby who we have not seen for ages.  She is pregnant with her second child so it was great to see how glowing she looked after sickness in the early weeks.

On Wednesday we were up and and out the door in half an hour, it was not a particularly early start but we are not early risers in our house.  We met friends at the train station and travelled to a nearby city to visit an excellent and interesting museum.  The train was really packed with people and it was standing room only we felt like sardines.  The museum was small but just the right size for little people to explore in a day, there was plenty of interactive exhibits and the writing was enough that if you are a beginner you could still engage.  It was a great day out.

On Thursday we had an adventurous shopping trip to a nearby town.  It was snowing, very windy and clod when we left the house, we made it into town no problem.  Walking round town it was really, really cold the wind funnelled between the building and it was icy cold on your face.  We got our shopping done and headed home two hours later we arrived (it is a twenty minute journey usually).  We met snow drifts and accidents but we did get home in one piece which is the most important thing.

Friday we stayed at home most of the day.  We walked up the village in the morning to post our international Christmas cards.  The snow on the hills looked so inviting that I suggested we go for a walk and play in the snow the following day.  When we woke on Saturday sadly the temperatures had warmed in the night and the snow line was much to high for little legs.  My youngest can walk a fair distance but we knew if we attempted to go that high we would end up as porters as the day wore on and she is very heavy now.  We changed our plans and headed for lower ground.  It was a cold day with the wind making it feel much cooler but it was beautifully sunny.  We found a great spot at the top of a hill by a wall to have lunch with the sun warming our faces.  We headed down after that, as we were concerned that the wind might blow the children off their feet if we went any higher, and found a spot to light our stove and make a hot drink each replenished with a drink and blackcurrant flapjack we marched back to the car singing songs and collecting an amazing amount of sticks.

Sunday we had a day of rest together at home.  We pottered around playing games, making a mess, building dens, making more Christmas cards and knitting.

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