04 December 2012


It was a different week this last one, one of happiness and sadness in equal amounts.

We started the week with our usual trip into town for shopping and library visit. Our usual Tuesday play date was not a good day for any of us, so much so that we have talked about giving it a rest for a while but we may feel differently in a week or so time will tell.

Wednesday our play date cancelled on us so we stayed at home and pottered about, it always feels odd to me when plans are changed at the last minute, like I cannot get started with anything.  The children carried on as usual, enjoying each others company and playing the whole day though.

On Thursday we joined our friends at their house for lunch after which we headed out for a walk.  The original suggestion was to walk to a cafe along a road, I have never been keen on road walking especially with children so I suggested something different.  It was a longer route and we made it to the cafe for wonderful cakes and tea.  The walk back to the car was completed in the dark as we ran out of daylight,  I hope this did not put our friends off doing walks with us again my two love this kind of adventure but I know it is not for everyone.

Friday we had another day at home we built a railway track and town, drove endless trains and cars, played games, made a birthday card, drew some pictures and in the evening pressed some apples.  We have borrowed an apple press and managed to press 3.5 litres of apple juice from a big bag full of apples.  We have drunk a litre of it and kept the rest to make cider and cider vinegar.  We pressed the apples from frozen and we got far more juice than our last pressing when we crushed them.

Saturday we headed out fairly early to celebrate my brothers birthday.  He is not a man who particularly likes surprises so we were a bit concerned that it would back fire but we all had a great time.  The drive home was interesting it was a very cold frosty night and there was ice on the roads we got back in one piece but it was slow intensive driving.

On Sunday we rested after our long day out.  Well that was the intention but it turned into a productive day.  My husband finished building a ladder for our youngest's bed, I sewed a bag together and with my youngest started to make Christmas cards, December is upon us so I better get them made and sent quickly or it will be the New Year!

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