05 December 2012


Sometimes I look and I see that you have changed.
You are no longer a toddler but a little girl.
You are moving away more and more each day no longer stuck to my side as you venture out and explore.
You walk further and further each time we go out, striding out to keep up with your brothers longer legs.
You sometimes request your dad to go to sleep with at night.
Your desire for mummy milk, as you call it, grows less each day sometimes you will go for days without any.
Some changes are so small I do not notice them until I really look and I must or I will miss them, they will pass me by and you will be gone moved out into the world on your own.
It is short this time we have together and treasure it I must.

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  1. I've missed your postings, hope you are having an OK week.

    san x


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