06 December 2012


It would seem that Thursday is becoming the day of adventure, the type that are totally unplanned.

Last week we went for a walk with friends which we completed in the dark as we ran out of daylight. Today we went to a nearby town for some last bits of Christmas shopping, a journey of about 20 minutes which took two hours on return.  When we set off it was snowing lightly, the road we were travelling on was clear at that time, after two hours it was blocked.  We had to drive some distance to establish that, we were informed that a foot of snow was blocking the road further up the hill.  We turned round, headed back to town and out on another road.  That too was blocked this time by a vehicle which we later established had hit a wall.  We headed back again to town and set off towards the motorway which we hoped was still open.  It was but we were delayed but yet another accident, there was only one vehicle on the hard shoulder which looked like it had spun out of control as it was facing the wrong way.

The weather has been cold and snowy but not so bad that conditions were unsuitable for driving.  We have these conditions most winters, if you are to be a confident driver in these conditions you need to go out and experience them.  However continuing to drive at the speed you would in dry, warm conditions and not using car lights when the visibility is really poor it is hardly surprising that accidents happen.

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