18 November 2012


My life is busy these days.  During the week my days are full, come the weekend they are busy too, but somehow I seem to have more time  and I am not exhausted come the end of the day.

This week started with a birthday my lovely husband did the shopping whilst the rest of us stayed at home to play with new toys or baking a birthday cake.

We joined our friends on Tuesday as usual for some noisy fun, the weather was cold and wet so the children stayed indoors their play got noisier as the day wore on.  The adults had great fun helping to build a set of storage boxes and a set of shelves.

On Wednesday our friends organised a day with apples.  It was a really interesting day made all the better by the lovely lady who we spent the day with.  She is something of an expert on all things apple and had a wonderful manner with children.  My eldest is naturally cautious around those he does not know but she spoke to me about what his interests were and then quietly drew him in to what we were doing.

The next day we headed south to join friends who we missed last week.  We were welcomed with soup for lunch and the children played and the adults knitted (well almost all of us one was in the garage!) and chatted as the afternoon gently rolled by.

After a hectic week we had a quiet day at home playing, reading and drawing.  The weekend was also spent at home working in the garden, sewing Christmas presents, knitting, baking and tidying the house.  My weekends are becoming more focused on my house and family and I am finding them a good end and start to the each week.  During the week I concentrate on our days out and at the weekend stuff at home.  I am longer spending time during the week wondering when I can fit in sewing, gardening or tidying.  I also know that come the spring my weekends will start to get busy again and my time for doing stuff at home will be pushed out.  I will need to ensure that some of my weekends are kept free, always easier said than done!

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