20 November 2012


This week I have been making another Christmas present.

Another bag like this one.  It is not quiet finished yet, I am currently sewing the handles on and then the sides need sewing up.  I am finding that the more I make of these the quicker they are completed. It was a two hour job to get to this stage including cutting the pieces and pressing.  I have about half an hour more work to do.  I still have three more to make although I need to find the material for one of these!

I have also been looking through my yarn stash this week to work out what I could use to make some more clothes for this dolly I made my youngest earlier this year.  I have found some yarn to knit a dress, cardigan and shoes.  My youngest has also requested pyjamas for her doll I thought I would make some out an old set of hers that she has out grown.  The bottom half are really worn so I will use the top except that I cannot find it anywhere, I hope it turns up in time!

Joining in with Nicole for this weeks creating.

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  1. My older son would love that car fabric. Too cute!


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