17 November 2012


This last week I have spent more time planning jobs in the garden than I have actually in it.  I posted last week about biodynamic gardening and that I am going to follow the methods of this type of gardening in my garden next year.  Apart from weeding, there are a few other jobs I need to do during the autumn and winter it is these that I have been looking into to plan when I should be doing them.  I am starting to like this approach to gardening it suggests that you do specific tasks at specific times which I hope will focus my gardening and make it more manageable and achievable.

So the tasks I have identified so far are to divide my rhubarb plant which I shall do in December, move and prune two fruits bushes and prune the grape vine, which I shall also do in December but at a different time to dividing the rhubarb and sew some spring bulbs which I shall do in January.

Today I spent another hour in the garden weeding, I have yet to finish this job as I am limiting myself to one hour at a time so I do not feel overwhelmed by the amount there is to do!  Once the weeding is done I will clean all the pots used for sewing and potting on, there is a big pile waiting in the poly tunnel.  Then I will probably start to plan what I will sew and what seeds I need and get them ordered.

Do you have a garden, what are you doing with it at the moment?


  1. I have just done a general tidy in the garden, the wind had blown things everywhere! On the allotment I have just trimmed the bushes back today and raked the leaves. I like the idea of a method to help focus, I'm going to have to look into that.

    I hope you don't mind I have tagged you in an 11 blog tag here http://littlefamilyof3-sarah.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/11-blog-tag.html x

    1. It makes for interesting reading, not sure I will join in completely with the blog tag maybe just 11 things about myself if that is ok!


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