12 November 2012


On this day in 2004 my life started on a new journey, I became a mother.

As I walk this path this is for you my first born.

Over the last eight years you have been my guide,
Sometimes I lead the way,
Sometimes it is you.
You are there to remind me when times are tough that it will ok again.

You have changed so much in the last year,
I have watched you move away from me,
Become a confident person,
Sure of who you are and what you want,
Comfortable in your own skin.

You are kind and considerate to your sister,
You let her play with your things,
You read her stories and look at books together,
When you disagree you try really hard to negotiate with her,
I know you find this hard sometimes.

One of your favourite activities is reading books on the sofa,
You leave books everywhere,
Like a trail behind you,
Reading always reading
It makes me smile as I pick them up and return them to shelves.

You also love to draw,
Everyday you sit at the dining room table,
With a pencil in your hand,
I love how you talk as you do it,
I could watch you for hours,
Your creativity always amazes me.

Happy Birthday my love.


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