15 October 2012


I have been able to find the time over the last weekend to get my sewing machine out.  I love to sew but often find that there are other pressures on my time which take priority.  I also need to have a clean and clear dining room table, not a common occurrence in our house, as that is the best surface for laying out material to cut it and for using the machine on.

I have recently bought material to make a few things including bags for Christmas presents.  I have loosely based mine on this bag and made up this one over the weekend.

I have material for three more and am still searching for the right fabric to make one for my eldest.

I have a fairly full week each week so sewing is best achieved at the weekend, trouble is they are often busy too, so I may have to look at ways of trying to fit it in during the week, if I am to get all the bags made for Christmas!

Joining in with Nicole for this weeks sharing on Keep Calm, Craft On.

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  1. What a great idea! I should really get started on something like this. (It would also require cleaning off my well-loved craft table covered with crayons, books, pencils.....the list goes on! :)


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