17 October 2012


I am joining in with Ginny for this weeks sharing of knitting and reading and Tami for this weeks work in progress.

This week on the needles is my second pair of socks, progress is slow. They are a Christmas present for my husband, who is around all the time at the moment!  We have just had a two week holiday together which was not conducive to progress!  My husband is self employed so his work is usually sporadic, however it does feel as if he has been around a lot lately just when I would rather he wasn't, in the nicest possible way.  I am wanting to knit a few more pairs as presents which also need to be done out of his sight, I may have to reconsider as I am not sure I am going to get them all finished, hey ho need to have a plan B.

Reading wise I picked up this book in the library during my last visit there.  I am wanting to knit something for myself and have not been able to find a pattern that fits the bill, so I thought I would make one up.  I hope the book will provide me with what I am looking for stitch wise.

What are you knitting and reading this week?


  1. What about locking yourself in the bathroom and knitting in the bath?!!!

    Soule Mama and co have a great way, they put up signs on the bedroom doors on the run up to Christmas saying " keep out busy elving!"

    Looking forward to your visit tomorrow.

    San x

    1. Hmm knitting in the bath that could become a whole new craft might save on blocking!

  2. Love the yarn, I've got a couple of skeins of Rico Design's Superba... collection. I think you'll enjoy designing your own pattern, I know I love to!

  3. lovely sock, that yarn looks so silky soft!

  4. Maybe you need to go to a knit night or two to get away from DH? Keeping knitting secrets is HARD! Looks like a cute sock, though :)


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