16 October 2012


Joining in with Rachel for this weeks catch up of what I have been doing in my garden.

 Carrot Harvest

As much as I love to go on holiday there are a few things I dread on my return unpacking for one, another is going into the garden to see how over grown it has become.  I have been away twice in the last eight weeks so my garden has been rather neglected of late.  However this time I returned to find amongst the weeds a surprising amount of vegetables ready for eating.  We usually have a small vegetable box delivered each week but we were away for a delivery so came home to empty cupboards.  So I managed to put together a few meals using from the garden potatoes, onions, turnip, beetroot, carrots, kale and courgette.

We had Courgette and Cheese Bake with coleslaw using our carrots but sadly not our cabbage as the mice had them.

Potato Fritters with kale fried in garlic and turnip cooked in honey with coriander seeds.

Carrot Fritters with roasted beetroot and potatoes.

I also made Potato and Leek soup using a carrot and potato from the garden and Courgette and Brie soup.

Over the weekend the weather was dry so my husband and I spent several hours weeding, pruning and deadheading.  We are far from done but it is certainly looking a lot better.  In the next few weeks I need to buy some garlic for sowing and plant out the lettuces into the poly tunnel for overwintering.

You can see some more photos from my garden in this post about autumn colours.

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  1. Those recipes sound delicious! Carrots straight from the earth are so sweet!


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