12 October 2012


I have had a day of wanting to go really slow today.  I had no desire to rush, or do anything quickly and do you know what it has been a really full day but I don't feel exhausted.  I seemed to move with ease from one thing to another finishing as I went with no interruptions.  This is rare accomplishment for me, so often I go upstairs and wonder what on earth I went up there for or return to a room that I was doing something in and wonder what it was that I had been doing, sound familiar?

So I am going to blow my own trumpet, please indulge me, this is what I have done today. I have put two loads of washing through the machine and hung them both up, put away two loads of washing.  Made a loaf of bread using a sponge left overnight.  Made soup for lunch with vegetables from the garden.  Went shopping for a few bits and bobs.  Knitted several rows of this sock when my husband went out for a few hours.  Cut out the material to make a bag for a Christmas present.  Made biscuits with my youngest.  Watched a programme about HMS Hood and Bismarck on 4od with my eldest.

I had no intention of doing much today, much like any day really, I just see where it takes me and today I had a great journey one which I hope I can repeat.  I hope you have had a fruitful day too?

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