11 October 2012


Whilst we were on holiday recently we spent some time in Dorset.  This is a county that I have spent little time in but one which I enjoy returning to, like so many parts of the beautiful country I live in there is so much to see and do.  We only scratched the surface for the few days we were there but we had a great time.

We had a walk on the coast around the Lulworth area we visited the wonderful cove and walked around the bay, having lunch on the shingle.

We also walked over to Durdle Door where there is a rock arch and another lovely bay.  My youngest walked almost the whole way probably about five miles, asking to be carried right at the end of the day when she looked exhausted.

We had a day in Swanage travelling there on a steam railway had an explored around the town and returned via the village of Corfe Castle we did not have time to visit the castle instead we spent our time at the delightfully quirky model village with its interesting garden.

We spent a day in Weymouth were we spent most of our time exploring the amazing Nothe Fort.  It is a place steeped in history and has been turned into a really interesting Musuem looking a the history of the fort and coastal defences.  We went for a wander into the town and onto the beach it was a really warm sunny day.

We also spent a whole day at the Tank Museum which was, surprisingly, interesting.  My eldest is currently interested in anything to do with World War I and II.  I don't think I had realised the extent of his knowledge.  We had a tour around one of the halls housing the history of the tank from the first  one ever built to modern day tanks.  The tour guide was excellent, we were the only people on it, he was impressed with my eldest's knowledge as we approached each tank he would state correctly what each tank was!

It was a lovely few days I am sure we will be back for another visit.  We really wanted to go fossil hunting and attempted to go and see the large ones on Monmouth Beach at Lyme Regis on our way to Devon but as we got there the rain started to pour and somehow it no longer appealed!

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  1. Dorset is one of the most mysterious counties in my opinion, lots of folklore, history, geography, literature - almost an education in itself! But I will always remember Weymouth as the beach, where for the most terrible half hour of my life, we lost our two year old daughter in the crowds. All ended well, she was found and we were all reunited, but it remains the worst half hour ever for me. Glad you had a good time - it's a fabulous place.


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