24 September 2012

We have been mainly.......


We started the week with our usual trip into town for food shopping and a visit to the library.  I managed to fit in a visit to a craft shop to pick up another ball of sock yarn to knit another pair for a Christmas present.  We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling at home as we usually do, we all find shopping exhausting but it needs to be done as we don't eat otherwise.  My eldest went to Beavers in the evening.  This is the only time in the week when I have to be somewhere by a certain time and I am absolutely rubbish at getting tea on the table in good time for us to eat it with enough time to get there.  It is a good job I only do this once a week!

On Tuesday our regular play date was off as our friends are moving house.  We were lucky enough to be invited to play with a different friend.  The friend was so keen for my eldest to come over that they came and picked him up!  It was strange in the house without him, my youngest loved the rare chance for undivided attention.  I had a D of E pre-expedition check to do in the afternoon before heading to our friends to share tea and then head home.

The next day we were joining friends for a picnic and blackberrying.  For some reason I really struggled to get it together to go out.  Everything I did that morning took longer than I thought it would and it took me hours to get out of the house.  We made it eventually but it was so late we had a picnic on the living room floor of our friends house.  We had just enough time to do a spot of blackberrying before they headed to swimming lessons.  There were slim pickings, they had either already been picked or it was a poor crop this year.  We did find enough for blackberries and cream for tea.

On Thursday we all headed south to join friends for lunch.  I made a loaf of bread to take, one which you make a sponge overnight.  It was the best I had made with the flour yet, I was really pleased with it, the whole loaf got eaten for lunch!  The children played and the adults talked, it was a lovely afternoon.

Friday we spent at home, I baked two cakes to take on holiday with us.  Packed a bag of clothes each for myself and the children, wrote a packing list for my husband to pack stuff over the weekend whilst I am out and then headed out for the afternoon to get a birthday present for my husband.  It is not for a few days yet but we will be away on the day and I wanted to be sure I had a present to take with us.

Over the weekend my husband and children packed up stuff to go away whilst I was out on the fells doing a D of E assessment. It was really cold both mornings there was a frost and I had to scrape ice off the car on Saturday!  It was a beautiful sunny day on both days, really warm for the time of year, it was great to be outside and enjoying it.   I walked a fair distance and up some steep slopes which my legs are not used to anymore.  I think I will have sore leg muscles next week, can't remember the last time that happened!  On Sunday night my husband had cooked tea after which we jumped in the car and headed off for two weeks away and some rest!


  1. Hope you have a lovely time and that you do get plenty of rest! I'll be offering a prayer that the rain keeps away for the second half of your break!!

    San xx


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