17 September 2012

We have been mainly......

We started the week with our usual trip into town for shopping and the library.  We found a great story sack this week based on the story of the Little Red Hen which we have read several times.  We have played the game that came with it loads too, it was a number lotto game which I adapted to make it playable for my youngest.  She has loved that there is a game that she can play, she always wants to join in when I play games with my eldest but it is not always possible to adapt a game to allow her to join in whilst myself and my eldest play with other rules!  As we headed up for bed that evening my youngest decdied that the living room needed tidying up and put everything away!  

The next day we headed south for our usual play date with friends.  It was a much better week than last week.  Sadly this is the last time we will all meet up for a while and the last time at that house.  Our friends have bought a new house and need a break from us all meeting at theirs whilst they pack up and move!  We hope to be back together at their new place next month.

On Wednesday we were joined at our house for lunch and play with friends.  We had hoped to go out but it was very wet and the children seemed very happy to play inside.

We headed south the next day to join friends for lunch at their house before heading out to a local to them nature reserve.  It looked like it was going to be a wet afternoon as it started to rain as we arrived but it was short lived.  We had a little walk round before stopping at the adventure playground for a play and snack.  We headed back once we were starting to cool, and once we had managed to rustle up enough money to leave the car park, I ended up 'borrowing' money from the centre to pay for it!  We stayed with our friends for tea which was most welcome, any food that I do not have to cook is welcome for me!

Friday we had a quiet day at home, playing, reading and chilling it was great.

The weekend started with an inspiring day out to the farm where our veg box comes from and finished with Daddy coming home.  He set off very early in the morning and was a welcome suprise and joined us for lunch.  We now have a week at home together before setting off on a family holiday.

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