02 September 2012


Today has been my first day at home when I have not been organising to go away somewhere for over two weeks.  Admittedly I have been away for most of that time but each time I have come home from one thing I have had a day or two to repack and cook to go away again.  This has been part of my spectacularly bad planning.  I was supposed to be camping, again, with friends this week but I have cancelled those plans I just could not face it.  It is not the actual camping that I could not face but the getting ready.  If I could be teleported to a campsite with a ready packed car I would be off.  I love camping but not the getting ready bit.  So I am going to spend some time at home.

I am going to do some better planning to make sure that I do not have week after week of getting ready to go away.  I am going to get on top of my very over grown garden, there are plants in my poly tunnel that are trying to grow out of the door, you can hardly shut it.  I am going to finish knitting some socks, well maybe one, that I started a while ago as my husband is away this week. But mostly I am going to enjoy being at home for a while and catching up with friends who I don't feel like I have seen for ages.


  1. I think you definitely need a quiet week!

    1. Yes, it is already looking busy but at least I have done the planning now and will not have as much to get ready!

  2. Sometimes a week at home to get things done is better than going away, I find. Good luck with all of your catching up :o)


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