08 September 2012


Today has been one of those days when it seemed like nothing was simple.  Life threw everything at me today and somehow, despite this week being one when I was a crabby, short fused mama, I have got through the day smiling.

After a long day out yesterday I came home to find that my husband who has been overseas had been delayed on his journey home and was not going to arrive in the UK until the following morning, 6am, at the airport two hours drive away.  At that point, I have just realised, I had no idea where he actually was, last night I was too busy to consider it!  So I got tea cooked, got the children in bed and got myself ready to go out the next day shortly after my husband came home.

At 8.30 this morning I got a call from my husband to say he was a the airport waiting for the taxi home.  Ah, I needed to go out now, the children had got up and had had their breakfast but were not dressed.  I tried a friend who I knew both the children would be happy to stay with until my husband got home, no answer.  So in record time I got them dressed, packed some extra stuff, made more lunch and headed out with them in tow.

Now running late I headed off and met every slow vehicle on the road or perhaps you just notice them more when you need to get somewhere quickly?  Many tractors later I got to where I needed to be, about two hours later than I wanted to be.  I then spent the rest of the day waiting and walking to find two groups of young people on d of e expeditions that I was assessing.  I managed to read one of the route cards I had been provided with wrong so waited in one place for an hour only to find they had walked past ages ago, before I had even got there.  I left my knitting at one place we stopped and then drove over it when I went back.  My mobile phone was running out of credit and my car was running out of fuel so the journey home was delayed whilst I saw to both.

My lovely husband rang me on the way home and got tea started so we were not too late eating in the end.  As I sit and type this I realise that the washing machine has just finished and needs emptying and my dh has gone to bed, he was the one who put it on.  So it looks like my bedtime is delayed by hanging up washing, then I am off to bed before I wreck any more havoc!


  1. Oh dear, what a day! I hope you will enjoy a lovely calm sunday with your family.

    1. Thank you, it was much calmer but was out doing more assessing!

  2. Blimey!!

    My friend's lasses are doing there award this weekend ... you haven't come across twin girls on your travels by chance, if so they're hers!

    Wishing for you a peaceful Sunday

    San xx

    PS thanks for the lovely words via text on Thursday they were appreciated, sorry not to reply but I'm exhausted with the situation.


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