20 September 2012


I have neglected my garden of late, left it to its own devices, in the main this has worked well but there are places that are in need of attention.  The weather has been harsh for us this year.  Cool, cold temperatures throughout the summer months left me thinking I would have no produce at all.  However my neglect has paid off, as I have no being paying any attention to it at all I had not noticed what was really growing.

Tonight we have had a meal made from vegetables picked from the garden, the first this year.  

We had roasted beetroot, beetroot peeled and chopped into bite sized pieces roasted in oil, balsamic vinegar, water, garlic (from the garden) and thyme (from the garden). 

I also made up a lasagne with kale and courgette.  I shredded the kale leaves and cut the courgette into chunks and steamed both when they were cooked I added ricotta, goats cheese and two crushed cloves of garlic (from the garden).  I made a white sauce with oil, flour and milk to which I added mustard.  I layered the lasagne up and sprinkled grated parmesan type cheese on top and bunged in the oven at 190°C for about 25 minutes.  

We were so hungry I did not get a picture and there is none left, it was very tasty.

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  1. wow, yum! so fun to get goodies from the garden. i am glad the neglect has paid off. LOL


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