11 September 2012


Yesterday before my husband left us yet again he returned from a forage in the garden for salad leaves for lunch with this:
Not quite sure how we have managed to miss this.  It was lurking on a plant behind the poly tunnel door, behind it when the door was opened.  It weighs over a kilo so it going to take some eating especially as my husband eats half the food in our house.  So I have been working my way through may recipe books to find intersting recipes using courgettes.  As we needed a picnic today and quick cos I got up late I thought I would make courgette muffins.  I could not find a recipe in any of my books but found this one which I had all the ingredients for.  They made a huge batch and most got eaten for lunch.  I did not have any self raising flour so used plain and added my own raising bit.  They make great picnic or snacking food and I will make more to use the huge courgette up, think I will try freezing some.

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