13 September 2012


As I sit and write this post the wind is howling outside, rattling everything that is loose and the rain is lashing against the door.  Autumn is closing in.  I am not ready for it this year and wish it could delay its arrival.

Autumn is my favourite season.  It has always felt like a new beginning for me, even though in nature it is a time of withdrawal.  It is the season of my birth, of the birth of my husband and my eldest child, a season of celebration for us.  As a child I could see a hill from my bedroom that was covered in trees, in the autumn the colour palette I could see from that window was amazing.   I loved to look out each day and watch it slowly change from yellow, to orange, sometimes to red and then to brown with all the other hues in between.  I can still picture that view in my head

We have has such a cool summer, with very few days of blue skies, that so often over the last months I have not been sure of the season.  The temperatures have been distinctly autumnal but with everything so green it has not felt like autumn but nor has it felt like the summer.  I love that I live in a part of the world that has distinct seasons, cold cold winters, cool autumn, warming up springs and warm summers.  It never gets that hot in the the summer but it is good to see big blue skies, to have warmth on bare skin and see the abundance of beautiful green growth and the other wonderful colours of nature.  Perhaps I am longing for that warmth still, I have not been warmed up enough by our summer.  We had really warm weather last week warmer than it had been since May but now that warmth has gone.  I will have to wait until next year for any more.  Now is the time to embrace the autumn and all that it brings with it.

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