28 August 2012

We have been mainly.......

really busy again this week.

After returning from a weekend climbing and camping late on Sunday afternoon, we unloaded the car to get everything dry for a other trip this week.

We went into the local town for food shopping and a visit to the library as we usually do.  We were also looking for some bowls for camping, we managed to break one over the weekend and needed to replace it.  They were cheap and cheerful so I am surprised that they have lasted as long as they have.  We were not able to find anything suitable.  Looks like one of us will be eating out of the pan!  I spent the rest of the day cooking food to take with us.  The children amused themselves outside playing with a child who lives a few doors down.

The next day we had to forego our play date as we were packing up.  All the wet kit from the weekend was now dry, so it was packed up and put in the car.  We collected stuff from our list from the loft and cupboards all over the house.  For the first time the children helped as they thought it was great fun.  They liked being able to to and find items and put them into the correct box and then tick them off on the list.  We were so efficient that we managed to clean all the downstairs windows and dig up all the potatoes in the garden as well.  I feel sure that if we had asked them to help they would have said no, they just wanted to be part of what we were doing.

On Wednesday.we packed up the clothes and the last few bits of food and headed to stay with friends for a couple of nights.  It was good to catch up with them again.  I visited their local yarn shop and bought three skeins to knit into scarves.  We popped into a local town the following day and had a lovely day exploring it, we found a great park for a picnic which had an amazing playground in it the children loved it.

We headed to a music festival for the weekend on Friday.  We bought our tickets months ago, in April I think.  It certainly feels like months.  We were meeting friends there.  We sat in a very long queue to get to the site, which was due to some traffic lights that allowed about one or two cars to turn right at a time, the same lights caused massive queues for people leaving too at the end of the festival.  Apparently the council will not change the priorities on the lights, perhaps a letter is in order.  We did make it on site in the end, found our friends and pitched our tent.  The site was huge much bigger than any festival site we had been to as a family before.  We were looking forward to a weekend filled with great live music.  We were not disappointed that is until Monday morning.  We woke to find that the headline act who we had been really looking forward to seeing had pulled out.  After that the day seem really flat.  We packed up the tent in the rain and it seemed like the whole festival vibe had changed perhaps it was also the rain which, up and until then had been the odd shower, was more relentless and it was cold.   We journeyed home part way through the last set, it felt like a big anti climax after the previous days.  I am still mulling over why I felt so flat.  Perhaps it is because due to my spectacularly bad planning I am really busy again this week!

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