21 August 2012


We visited a climbing area this weekend.  I had not visited this area for a long time, since university nearly twenty years ago.  I did not get to climb on this occassion but the children were both keen to have a go somewhere less busy.  I did not want them to feel under any pressure to try out something new but am glad that they would like to try it some day.

Whilst we were at the crag I had lots of time to sit and soak up the beautiful area that I was in.  It made me realise what a beautiful country I live in and how lucky I am that I am able to spend time exploring it.  I love where I have chosen to settle and bring up a family but there are also other parts of my country that are lovely too.  I have not been out of the area I live in much this year, I have not felt like it, so it felt good to return to somewhere that I enjoyed living many years ago and still appreciate it as a beautiful place.  I fell I will return again sometime soon.

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