31 August 2012


I have spent the last 48 hours in the company of my youngest, whilst my eldest was at home with daddy.  We have had a really special time together, I have not spent so much time just with her since she was born.

We were away from home as I was assessing a D of E Expedition this involved a lot of waiting around, often in bleak cold places.  It was often not possible for me to carry any bits to keep her amused whilst we were waiting but they would not have been needed anyway.  We spent the time talking, cuddling, nursing.  She has sung for me, beautiful made up tunes often with words.  We have spent much time playing at life, getting in and out of imaginary cars, going imaginary shopping, cooking imaginary food and eating it.  She would find bits of grass, leaves whatever was lying around and make picnics with them for imaginary dolls.  I could sit and watch her play for hours.  She has been completely content.  She is always much happier when outside, even it is really cold she puts on extra clothes and is still happy.  The last two days have, I think, been heavenly for her I have loved spending this time with her.


  1. Memory building is priceless, so glad that you had such a lovely time! It would also have given Dad and The Lad chance to bond over the cooking and washing up at home ... unless they decided to eat out whilst you were away?!!

    San x

    1. They did cook for themselves but only because I had done the shopping and planned the meals for them!


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