28 July 2012


We have been to a steam gathering today. I had intended to leave the house fairly early as the weather was forecast to rain mid afternoon. Needless to say that did not happen. I think I should stop trying to leave the house by a certain time and just be happy with leaving whenever we are all ready.

We got to the site and the rain poured down, we sat in a queue for forty minutes and I started to wonder what on earth I was doing. The delay was caused by the field that they were using for parking. It has rained nearly every day for the last ten weeks or more. They were using tractors to pull cars off certain parts of the field, their usual very well organised traffic system had descended into chaos, no one had any idea where there were any spaces. We did find one eventually, on solid ground. The sun shone as we got out the car and stayed that way for the rest of the afternoon. We had a great time.

We saw Traction Engines.

Showman's Engines

Steam Lorries and Rollers. As well as the steam vehicles we saw vintage bicycles, motorbikes, wagons, tractors, military vehicles and cars like these Model T Fords.

We also watched lawn mower racing, my eldest watched this for ages.  They were very fast and very noisy, but fun!  It turned out to be a great day out.

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