27 July 2012


I have been very aware of my youngest today from the moment I woke to when she fell asleep. I woke up to her singing quietly in her bed which is right next to mine. I lay there listening for a while knowing that when I opened my eyes she would stop. Sure enough it did, but I got a big beaming smile.

The singing continued throughout the day sometimes quietly, sometimes very loudly. After breakfast she lined up her doll and bear on the sofa and sang to them. She ran around outside singing clap, clap at the top of her voice holding some grass aloft. At times she was just walking around the house and singing. She sang in the bath and afterwards found a cardboard tube to sing through!

I love her singing, she makes up the tunes and sometimes adds words. She has been doing it for over a year now. At first she would stop if she was aware you were watching her, now she carries on.

I have been aware of her presence since birth from her sounds. My eldest is, and always has been for the most part a quiet, self contained child. I would go looking for him in the house at a very young age as I could not see or hear him. He was happy if he could hear me in another part of the house, not so my youngest. She rarely leaves my side, she is loud and fills the house with her presence, just like her father. I would not have it any other way. I love her spontaneity, her singing, her loud laugh, her cuddles. I love that my children are so very different.

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