14 July 2012


I was driving to a birthday party this afternoon in our old car. This car has a tape player and is now our only means of playing tapes. We have kept a small collection of the tapes we used to own. As we have no means of recording onto tapes, can you even buy them now? The collection is getting older as the years go by. Each time I listened to one it is like a blast from the past and it is surprising the memories that some of the music invokes.

Today we were listening to the music from the film Blade Runner I was transported to a cinema in Cambridge where I watched the film, I didn't watch it when it was originally released I wasn't old enough, so it would have a rerun in what was called an art cinema. It played mostly art house films, or films that had a cult following, I spent a large part of my time there. I have subsequently seen the film many times and owned a copy on video despite never owning a player or a tv. Listening to the music today has made me want to watch the film again, particularly as it is set in 2019!

It is amazing what can trigger a memory, music often does this for me. The other day it was a smell, can't remember what and no I am not being ironic, transported me to my grannies kitchen. It was so vivid I felt that I was standing there in her presence.

Memories for some take them back to a bygone time that will never again be, but is what they would like the world to return too. Memories are in my past, it is good to reconnect with them, but I look forward to the future and all that it holds too.

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