18 June 2012

We have been mainly...........

playing with Lego.

We started the week with our usual trip into town for the shopping and a visit to the library. In the evening my eldest came home from Beaver Scouts proudly holding onto four badges that he has achieved over the last few months, he was a very happy boy. He is now working on achieving a few more.

The next day we had our usual playdate. They day was warm with occasional bursts of sunshine. The children played outside all afternoon with their friends. I had cooked a pasta salad with courgette, wild garlic pesto and cheese, in the morning so that we could leave a bit later and have more time for play.

We had a day at home the next day. In the morning I prepared lunch to take to a friends's house where I was picking up my husband. We came home with him plus several boxes of Lego. We spent the rest of the afternoon going through the Lego, cleaning some of it (it has been in storage a while) and making sense of what was there. For the rest of week it has been taking over the dining room table.

We were supposed to be meeting friends out for a walk somewhere the next day, but the children did not want to go anywhere. They wanted to play Lego. So we invited our friends to join us and they all spent the afternoon covering the dining room table with home made lego models.

On Friday we joined a home ed group at a local wetlands centre. We had a fun few hours pond dipping, making dragonflies and a short walk. We found several interesting creatures in the 'pond' fish, beetles, snails, leeches, damselfly larvae and toads in abundance. When we went for a walk we took small cards with double sided sticky tape attached and stuck grasses, reeds and flowers that we found on the walk. I remember doing this with groups of children years ago, it was great to do it again they look really pretty, they are very simple to make and an easy activity for very young children. The weather forecast had been for heavy rain, it stayed away until we got in the car to go home and the heavens opened, I think it would have been a very different day if it had rained hard all day.

Over the weekend we were busy. On Saturday morning I popped into town alone to a wool shop which is sadly closing down. I spent over an hour looking at wool and deciding what I wanted to buy at my leisure, a very unusual feeling.   I came home with a big bag of wool.  In the afternoon we all went to a birthday party for a friend of my eldest. We had a great afternoon. On Sunday we were hoping to try out our new sail for our canoe but there was no wind!  Instead we weeded the garden. It was a nightmare, no wind in our village means you get eaten alive by midges, they were out in force. We had to don midge nets to get anything done. We managed to reduce the weed population and plant out some more seedlings. The garden is now looking full and very green. In between times the lego continued to take over the dining room table! I hope you have enjoyed this week too.

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